Crafty’s Cutter Inletting Tool


Tool comes with interchangeable blades for inletting grips. Includes 5 Blade Sizes – 2 of each

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Crafty’s Cutter inletting tool is easy to use with a high speed drill or lathe. The tool comes with interchangeable blades for inletting grips for up locking seats in diameters of; .760, .810, .850, .900 and .950. These are the most common reel seat inlet sizes but blades can easily be made for this tool in any blade size needed.

The long shaft at the front of the tool has a 4mm diameter but comes with a plastic 6mm tube or can be easily built up with tape or paper to fit the bore diameter of any cork grip. The shaft is also long enough to stabilize the cutting process so the rod builder can achieve a perfect inlet every time. Supplies are limited on this first run so get one while you can.

Note: Tool does not include cork or drill, you must supply your own.


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