Gen 4 Fusion 15 Minute Epoxy Gel


Quick curing epoxy gel


Fusion 15 is a quick curing epoxy adhesive designed specifically for high production assembly and rapid turnaround time. Fusion 15 offers the user a full 15 min. of working time before it starts to set up. This extended cure cycle provides an additional 10 minutes for adjustments and cleanup over the more common 5 minute formulations. Designed with both the custom Rod Maker and Bladesmith in mind, Fusion 15 is formulated in a high viscosity, non-sagging paste that exhibits superior gap filling, and high permanence to a wide variety of substrates, with zero shrinkage and outstanding flexibility under extreme environmental conditions. Available in 4oz. and 8oz. kits. Larger sizes available upon request

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4oz. Kit, 8oz. Kit


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