MicroWave Casting Guide Set (Titanium Coated Frame)

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This guide set is exclusive to HFF Custom Rods.

Introducing the MicroWave Guide System by the American Tackle Company. Inventor Doug Hannon – also known as “The Bass Professor” – partnered with American Tackle to conceive, design and manufacture the perfect line control system for casting rods.

The system addresses coiling-memory issues with monofilament but it’s ideal for braided lines and really something that has to be felt and seen to be believed. It provides noticeable advantages that standard guide trains cannot by combining science, practical application and custom rod building principles. Many long hours of theory, design & physical testing has resulted in possibly the most dynamic guide train developments to date.

Color Titanium
Material Titanium Coated
Ring material Nanolite

Set includes 1 stripper guide & 8 running guides (9 total based on a 7′ spinning rod). Also includes suggested layout measurements.


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