CRB PRO Roller Rod Support Stand


Overall Height 8.00″
Adjustable Range 6.40″

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Smooth and precise where it matters most, the CRB Roller Stands establish the most thoughtfully designed and meticulously crafted advanced power wrapper supports available to rod builders.

The CRB Roller Stands are precision machined from 100% Aircraft Grade Aluminum as the first and only threaded rod stands to feature locking collet nuts for near infinite height adjustments. Measuring in at 8” tall, each stand has 6.4” of adjustable height range to accommodate any rod building project!

The next revolution from the CRB PRO line up, these premium Roller Stands are engineered exclusively for the RBS Track (Aluminum Base Station). Each stand includes custom silicon wheel rings with high-performance sealed ball bearings that securely spin and support rods flawlessly throughout the increased RPMs of turning handles and wrapping at high speeds.


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