Fuji Torzite KL Guides


Tortzite Titanium K-Series, Tangle-Free, Single-Foot reduction guides for NGC layouts

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KL has established a reputation as a strong, reliable mid-duty single foot K-Series guide with tangle-free performance. Deep-pressed KL is height optimized for perfectly spaced New Guide Concept layouts. Unbeatable for long casts with heavy mono and fluoro lines above 20# test. Now available in Corrosion Control treated frames in Matte Silver (CC), Dark Grey (BC) and all new Gunmetal (GM) satin finish Corrosion Control frames with new Slim SiC rings.

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30, 5.5L, 5.5M, 6L, 6M, 7L, 7M, 8M, 12, 16, 20, 25


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